Amazing Greys is a volunteer-run greyhound rescue organisation in Melbourne, VIC. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome homeless greyhounds, i.e. the 'wastage' of the greyhound industry. 

Amazing Greys was founded in 2011 after I adopted my first greyhound in Australia. I had adopted a lurcher (greyhound x with another sighthound) previously in the UK after I had fallen in love with the greyhound breed at a friend's house. When I moved to Melbourne, I wanted to adopt another greyhound. I could have adopted through GAP however I did not feel comfortable to adopt a greyhound from the same people who breed and race greyhounds.

Amazing Greys was born shortly after I adopted Rosie in 2011 from Greyhound Rescue in Sydney who had a small foster carer network in Melbourne already. I built it up from a handful of volunteers to the sizeable and reputable greyhound rescue organisation it is today.   

Apart from the rescue work we do, I feel greyhounds also need someone to advocate for them. They are so gentle and easy to exploit yet so misunderstood. Thousands are bred each year but unlike any other breed, they are not bred to be pets in a loving family. 

In particular in Australia where the muzzle requirement is in place, greyhounds are still perceived as aggressive dogs unworthy of a family and a home. While our main focus is to save as many greyhounds as possible, we really want to see the greyhound (and horse) racing industry to collapse. It is not okay to breed and kill thousands of animals each year for the amusement of disturbed individuals and gambling addicts. 


Amazing Greys works directly with greyhound trainers and breeders who routinely surrender their greyhounds when they are no longer profitable. We also work with local and rural pounds who are often overflowing with unwanted greyhounds. Sadly, there are far too many bred in our country. 

We provide vet care, place the greyhound into foster care and then find the perfect forever home. 


Anyone can surrender a greyhound to us. Many come from trainers but some also come from families who adopted the greyhound from somewhere else. 

All greyhounds get spayed or neutered, C5 vaccinated and treated for worms, fleas and ticks. They live in foster families where they receive training to become excellent canine citizens before finding their forever home. 



We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome homeless greyhounds, i.e. the wastage of the racing industry. We also raise awareness of the plight of racing greyhounds and promote greyhounds as family pets. 



Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many greyhounds as we can. As part of our rescue work, we promote greyhounds as pets, responsible pet ownership and positive rewards based training techniques. 

At the same time, we seek change for greyhounds in Australia and overseas. The Australian racing industry breeds 20,000+ greyhounds each year and rehomes only a fraction as pets. The wastage must be stopped and greyhound racing has to end. It is an extremely cruel industry with no future in Australia and worldwide. 

Greyhound Rescue

Thousands of greyhounds need a new home every year. Dumped by their trainers, owners and syndicates, Amazing Greys offers a safe and caring home for homeless hounds.

Greyhound Rehabiliation

Some greyhounds transition really easily from kennel to a life as part of a family. Others require a little help adjusting. Either way, we help our greyhounds become good canine citizens through positive rewards based training and socialisation.

Greyhound Rehoming

We rehome all our greyhounds to loving, caring and committed families. We also stay in touch with everyone to continue to help the greyhound with training and tips.



Amazing Greys is run 100% by volunteers who offer their time and expertise to greyhounds in need. 

We have dedicated foster families who help us keep the greyhounds safe until a forever home has been found. We also have some lovely people on board who organise market stalls and pet shop fundraisers to keep us financially sound. Other people help with transporting greyhounds to the vet or picking them up from trainers and shelter. And there are those lovely ladies who do all the admin work! 

New volunteers are always welcome and we have a huge amount of work every day! Please get in touch if you would like to help out in any capacity: info@amazinggreys.com.au