How to welcome your rescue greyhound into your home

March 24, 2016By Martina Best

Moving home is one of the most stressful things for a greyhound. While you know that he is safe and you will love him forever, your newly adopted mate has no idea what is going on. Some walk into a new home confidently and you think this dog has been in your household forever. Others … Read More

5 reasons to adopt a senior greyhound

February 13, 2016By Martina Best

I adopted my first dog, Bumble, when he was 7. He was a beautiful and loyal lurcher (greyhound crossed with a sighthound) and it was love at first sight when I went into the kennels. He was quiet and stared at me with big brown eyes while wagging his tail. How could I not fall in … Read More

The Black Greyhound Syndrome

February 8, 2016By Martina Best

It is a fact that black greyhounds are least likely to be adopted. Black greyhounds are routinely overlooked in kennels and not many bother to click on an online adoption profile of a black pet. Why the majority of people looking to adopt overlook a black greyhound is not quite clear. One explanation could be that black greyhounds don’t photograph … Read More

The story of Gus

January 29, 2016By Martina Best

Gus was a four year old rescued ex-racer when he was surrendered into our care in February 2014. We picked him up from one of the most appalling kennels we had ever seen; filthy kennels, cold concrete beds, dirty water bowls and endless rows of cages full with sad and lifeless greyhound eyes begging us … Read More

Why our adoption process is worth the hassle

January 25, 2016By Martina Best

When adopting a greyhound from us, it may seem that we make you jump through some hoops. We have no intention of making your life miserable; we just want the best possible outcome for you and our greyhounds. We love the fact that you chose greyhound adoption instead of buying a puppy from a breeder … Read More

Greyhound Adoption Day

November 27, 2015By Martina Best

Amazing Greys is hosting its first adoption day ever! Our gorgeous greyhounds would like to invite everyone for a relaxed afternoon with coffee, cake and a sizzling BBQ. You can meet all of our greyhounds in need of a forever home while chatting to our friendly volunteers. You are very welcome to take our greyhounds … Read More

Helping hounds

August 23, 2015By Martina Best

Our greyhounds are so used to getting help from people in form of donations for food, vet bills paid,  new beds or extra treats. Today, our greyhounds were the ones helping others and we could not be more proud of them. We took 4 of our rescued greyhounds (okay one is a greyhound x) and a … Read More

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

August 17, 2015By Martina Best

Today is one of the first sunny and mild days of what remains of winter. The dogs love catching the sun rays on the balcony while I wash and air the dog beds. It is those lazy days I cherish the most. The dogs are calm, relaxed and sniffing the warm breeze. No pressure to … Read More

Toy Trouble

August 2, 2015By Martina Best

I often come home after work to find that my three darling dogs Joey, Penny and Sweetpea have had a bit too much fun with their soft toys. There is white fluff everywhere and now the teddy has only three legs and no head. So I spend an hour in front of the TV sewing … Read More