Separation Anxiety in Greyhounds

November 8, 2016By Martina Best

Separation anxiety is quite common and most greyhounds are not terribly happy when their human family leaves for the day. Mild cases of separation anxiety can be addressed by turning on the radio or TV for your greyhound or distracting him with long lasting food rewards such as big bones to gnaw on for hours … Read More

Alpha dog training? What a load of rubbish

March 25, 2016By Martina Best

A lot of dog owners think that they need to assert their ‘alpha’ status over their dog to prevent him from ‘dominating’ theirĀ household. The ‘dominance theory’, i.e. man must force his dog into submission, stems from decades of misunderstanding our canine friends and have ingrained punishment based training methods in our lives. Training techniques to … Read More

How to introduce a new dog to your greyhound

February 10, 2016By Martina Best

I live in a multi dog household and my three get along really well. They sleep together on my bed as I am typing this article and I am really thankful that there is peace in my house. But not all dogs live together in harmony and over the years, we had a number of … Read More

Why can’t my greyhound be normal?

January 22, 2016By Martina Best

There is not one day where I look at Joey’s little face and think ‘why can’t he be normal?’ Joey is a three year old boy who is terrified of other dogs when he is outside on a walk. I am now terrified too because Joey barks, growls and lunges at every dog we encounter. … Read More

5 tips to move house with your greyhound

December 29, 2015By Martina Best

  Joey, Sweetpea and Penny moved house with us before Christmas and it was a BIG move for everyone. We went from a two storey town house in the city to a beautiful half acre property in the country. Needless to say, the puppies approve of the the change, however it took them about a … Read More

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

August 17, 2015By Martina Best

Today is one of the first sunny and mild days of what remains of winter. The dogs love catching the sun rays on the balcony while I wash and air the dog beds. It is those lazy days I cherish the most. The dogs are calm, relaxed and sniffing the warm breeze. No pressure to … Read More

Toy Trouble

August 2, 2015By Martina Best

I often come home after work to find that my three darling dogs Joey, Penny and Sweetpea have had a bit too much fun with their soft toys. There is white fluff everywhere and now the teddy has only three legs and no head. So I spend an hour in front of the TV sewing … Read More

The muzzle schlamassel for VIC greyhounds

June 30, 2015By Martina Best

My love for greyhounds began in 2006 with Bumble, my beloved greyhound. He was adopted via Greyhound Rescue Wales and later moved to Germany with me. He was a loved family pet and did not have to wear a muzzle in public and was allowed off leash. When I later adopted Rosie, my first greyhound … Read More

How my adolescent greyhound became leash reactive

January 8, 2015By Martina Best

My beautiful greyhound Joey was so easy to look after when he was a puppy but when he reached about 12 months, things changed a little bit. As a puppy, he was absolutely okay to meet every dog on the street and in the park. As he matured between 12- 24 months, Joey became progressively … Read More

Raising greyhound puppy Joey

January 8, 2015By Martina Best

Joey came into my life in February 2013 as a 8 week old greyhound puppy. He was the cutest animal I had ever seen and I fostered him for about 3 months. It was impossible for me to find a forever home for Joey and none of the adoption applications seemed good enough (hi Jodie!). … Read More