Spring Racing- who gives a toot about the horses?

November 1, 2016By Martina Best

‘Spring Racing’, the fifth season in Melbourne, is upon us and I could not care less about the fashion, the gambling and useless celebrities who think of it as an important social event to further their career. But I really care about the horses and for them, racing is absolute torture. The life of a racing horse is … Read More

Greyhound Rescue Groups- friend or foe of greyhound racing?

March 22, 2016By Martina Best

I never questioned whether I’m doing the right thing by taking in an unwanted racing greyhound. How could saving a life not be good? But having been in touch with a number of trainers regularly throughout the past 5 years, I realised that I also make it okay for the trainer or breeder who surrendered … Read More

Greyhound Racing Reform? No thanks

February 20, 2016By Martina Best

The race is on to ban greyhound racing in Australia! The pressure on the industry has been steady since the live baiting scandal broke about a year ago. We’ve seen scandal after scandal hit the news since. We’ve signed petition after petition. And yet we see no changes in legislation. Sure there have been some … Read More

What can I do to help stop greyhound racing?

April 27, 2015By Martina Best

Since the Four Corners investigation into greyhound live baiting practices, the public is now more aware of the issues around greyhound racing. Good! But where do we go from here? Many people and some political parties have latched on to the widespread attention that greyhound racing is getting at the moment,  which makes it more confusing … Read More

Greyhound racing & live baiting- did everyone really know?

February 22, 2015By Martina Best

The  Four Corner investigation ‘Making a Killing’ was hard to watch and many of us had to mute it or look away when live baiting was shown. The cruelty captured on film was horrendous but was it surprising that live baiting is still a greyhound training practice? NOBODY who has been on even the periphery … Read More

The story of rescue greyhound Tubby

August 6, 2013By Martina Best

My partner and I decided that we wanted to foster or adopt a dog, so we began researching various animal shelters and rescue groups in Victoria. We discovered what was then known as “Kay’s Grey” (now Amazing Greys but we still need to change the website over) and contacted them about becoming foster carers. Not … Read More

Australian greyhound racing- nationalise or die?

July 5, 2013By Martina Best

The only way for greyhound racing in Australia to survive is to become nationalised- otherwise it will go bust according to this article. The article highlights the concerns for the industry and its messy and complex finances, no concern for the greyhounds of course, but I did not expect any from a racing website. In … Read More

Greyhound Rescue, Rehabilitation, Rehoming & Beyond

July 2, 2013By Martina Best

Our main priority is to rescue as many greyhounds as possible. Sadly we will never be able to rescue all unwanted greyhounds as long as greyhound racing exists and there is no limit to how many greyhounds can be bred. In fact, QLD and VIC Racing think it is a good idea to incentivise breeding … Read More

Run for your Life- Part 2

July 1, 2013By Martina Best

Jack’s story continues thanks to Fabulous Fur Friends where the story is originally from- should you have missed part 1, you can read it here. “They’re off and racing” says the starter as the gun fires, loudly enough to make anyone turn and run the other way.  Jack jumps off with a leap and bounds … Read More

Lucky Puppy Joey

May 30, 2013By Martina Best

Joey is a 6 month old greyhound puppy loving life. He plays and runs around with other dogs without a care in the world. At night he sleeps on his comfy bed (sometimes he sneaks on the couch) and he gets fed twice a day. What is so special about this? Joey is a greyhound … Read More