Can the greyhound racing industry reform?

October 31, 2016By Martina Best

Just when things are looking up for greyhounds in Australia, Mike Baird performs an epic backflip on the greyhound racing ban in NSW. While the majority of the population welcomed the ban, a few isolated (but very nasty) individuals put pressure on the government, causing it to overturn the ban. I cannot even begin to … Read More

The Greyhound Times Issue 3

June 1, 2015By Martina Best

Monday June 1, 2015 Our weekly roundup of animal welfare news from Australia and around the world: QLD greyhound racing inquiry confirms ‘horrific’ cruelty The inquiry into greyhound racing in QLD has been concluded and the report handed over to the Premier. She has vowed to ‘take decisive action’ but it is unclear what these actions will look like. … Read More

Don’t shop- adopt!

May 4, 2015By Martina Best

The best dog breed is a rescue dog.   Sure the puppies and kittens at the shopping centers are cute and if Gumtree advertises a dog ‘free to good home’, it may be hard to resist, but in the long run, your family is better off to adopt a pet from the pound or rescue group. Giving … Read More

The Greyhound Times Issue 2

May 3, 2015By Martina Best

Sunday May 3, 2015 Our weekly roundup of animal welfare news from Australia and around the world: 14 more QLD greyhound racing participants banned  Another 14 Queenslanders have been banned from greyhound racing for their roles in the live baiting scandal. So far, a total of 20 people have now been banned, questioning that live baiting is not … Read More

Join us for the Great British Greyhound Walk

April 28, 2015By Martina Best

Please join us for the Great British Greyhound Walk in Melbourne on Sunday 21 June 2015. The Great British Greyhound Walk (GBGW) is a global greyhound walk to celebrate the gentle breed as pets. We will take a quiet walk through the Botanical Garden in Melbourne and, whether permitting, stay a little afterwards for a … Read More

The Greyhound Times Issue 1

April 26, 2015By Martina Best

Sunday April 26, 2015 Our weekly roundup of animal welfare news from Australia and around the world: Major win for animal rights Leo and Hercules, two chimpanzees used for medical experiments in the US, have been granted ‘writ of habeas corpus’. This could mean the first step to grant those poor animals to defend their rights against … Read More

Greyhound racing & live baiting- did everyone really know?

February 22, 2015By Martina Best

The  Four Corner investigation ‘Making a Killing’ was hard to watch and many of us had to mute it or look away when live baiting was shown. The cruelty captured on film was horrendous but was it surprising that live baiting is still a greyhound training practice? NOBODY who has been on even the periphery … Read More

Fundraiser for our Greyhounds

October 12, 2014By Martina Best

We are hosting a fundraiser and awareness day at Petbarn in Chadstone, Victoria on Saturday and Sunday 18th & 19th October 2014 from 11am to 4pm. Come along and meet some of our awesome volunteers, superfriendly greyhounds and enter our raffle. We have some great prizes for cats and dogs to be won, courtesy of Petbarn … Read More

Join us for our Greyhound Walk October 5 2014

October 1, 2014By Martina Best

Our monthly greyhound walk is on again from 11 am on October 5, 2014 and we are walking along Edgar’s Creek and up to the old Kodak site. Our walk features lots of natural areas, open space, off lead areas (not fenced) and a creek for the greyhounds to paddle in. We are meeting  at the … Read More

Greyhound Puppy Nelson

September 12, 2014By Martina Best

Our latest rescue greyhound puppy is only 6 months old and already in big trouble. While he is safe with us and in a loving and caring foster home, Nelson (aka Lord Nelson, Nellie & Willie Nelson) has one deformed lower left leg and is missing two toes on his left front paw. The two … Read More