Separation Anxiety in Greyhounds

November 8, 2016By Martina Best

Separation anxiety is quite common and most greyhounds are not terribly happy when their human family leaves for the day. Mild cases of separation anxiety can be addressed by turning on the radio or TV for your greyhound or distracting him with long lasting food rewards such as big bones to gnaw on for hours … Read More

Spring Racing- who gives a toot about the horses?

November 1, 2016By Martina Best

‘Spring Racing’, the fifth season in Melbourne, is upon us and I could not care less about the fashion, the gambling and useless celebrities who think of it as an important social event to further their career. But I really care about the horses and for them, racing is absolute torture. The life of a racing horse is … Read More

Can the greyhound racing industry reform?

October 31, 2016By Martina Best

Just when things are looking up for greyhounds in Australia, Mike Baird performs an epic backflip on the greyhound racing ban in NSW. While the majority of the population welcomed the ban, a few isolated (but very nasty) individuals put pressure on the government, causing it to overturn the ban. I cannot even begin to … Read More

Home cooked food for your greyhound

June 4, 2016By Martina Best

My greyhounds Joey, Penny Lane and Sweetpea are not fussy eaters but I love to cook for them when I have time. Their little eyes light up when their dinner is home cooked human grade food and I just cannot resist. One Joey’s favourite meals are meat and veggie patties with plain white rice. It’s … Read More

Alpha dog training? What a load of rubbish

March 25, 2016By Martina Best

A lot of dog owners think that they need to assert their ‘alpha’ status over their dog to prevent him from ‘dominating’ their household. The ‘dominance theory’, i.e. man must force his dog into submission, stems from decades of misunderstanding our canine friends and have ingrained punishment based training methods in our lives. Training techniques to … Read More

How to welcome your rescue greyhound into your home

March 24, 2016By Martina Best

Moving home is one of the most stressful things for a greyhound. While you know that he is safe and you will love him forever, your newly adopted mate has no idea what is going on. Some walk into a new home confidently and you think this dog has been in your household forever. Others … Read More