Loki’s story is not unique: he failed to make the cut on the track and was advertised ‘free to good home’ on Gumtree. A family ‘adopted’ him but did not really care for him. He lived in a home without love and shared a small and confined space somewhere in Melbourne with a Jack Russell Terrier.

Loki came into our care through a woman who spotted Loki on his walk. She found out quickly that Loki’s family wanted to get rid of him and so she took him to us. He was only 18 months at the time and already had been passed around quite a bit.

Amazing Greys rescue greyhound Loki 2

When we first met Loki, he was super friendly and affectionate towards people and shared his foster home with another male greyhound. I remember him sitting on our lap on the couch and he can be a very clingy boy! While Loki is very affectionate, he also likes his space. He hates hugs (like most dog) and gets startled when you wake him up from a nap. He is therefore not suited for a family with young children, but he would happily share his home with children 14+ years.

Amazing Greys rescue greyhound Loki (1)

Underneath the cuddly personality, Loki is a very insecure boy. Moving around from one place to another has left a mark and Loki needs a home where he can feel 100% safe. He has mild separation anxiety which has improved over time. Loki definitely thrives in a home with a routine and benefits from mental stimulation, e.g. learning new tricks or commands.


He is a playful and smart boy who learns very quickly. His ideal home would be away from the busy city life in a quiet area. Loki loves a big yard to run around and enjoys the slipping track 1-2 per week to blow off some steam. Exercise helps with his anxiety and releases the happy hormones in him so daily walks are a must. But Loki likes to walk in quiet areas and busy parks or the dog beach overwhelm him.

Amazing Greys rescue greyhound Loki 1

Loki needs a home without any other pets (including dogs) so all the attention is on him. Loki is very scared of other dogs and is currently learning how to deal with this fear. He has the help of a behaviourist and his new family has to continue to work with Daniela (the behaviourist) and Loki so he can enjoy his walks again. The sessions with Daniela are paid for by us and she will come to your house. All you need is the willingness to learn and make a difference in the life of this wonderful and misunderstood boy.

Amazing Greys rescue greyhound Loki 4

If you think you can offer a loving and dedicated home for handsome Loki, please get in touch via adopt@amazinggreys.com.au