The race is on to ban greyhound racing in Australia!

The pressure on the industry has been steady since the live baiting scandal broke about a year ago. We’ve seen scandal after scandal hit the news since. We’ve signed petition after petition. And yet we see no changes in legislation.

Sure there have been some small wins, e.g. the resignation of some key racing figures across most states, charges were laid over the live baiting saga, trainers were banned for life (but later appealed and won) and dogs were seized (and later returned after appeals). The second NSW inquiry into greyhound racing is still underway and some baffling revelations come to light, e.g. Brent Hogan admits to the common practice of covering up race track injuries and deaths.

But overall, I feel like it has been a win for the racing community. Whatever they say, do or not do, the general public and our politicians are forgiving and listen to the apologies and assurances that the racing industry will clean up its act. After all, greyhounds are born to race!

Queensland Racing Industry has just rejected the new Racing Integrity Bill which proposes change following the greyhound live-­baiting scandal. How is it possible for them to just say “NO” and we accept it?

And now that mega tool Barnaby Joyce has weighed in and criticised those who exposed the cruel live baiting practice, what chance do we stand to bring change? After all the issue of live baiting is miniscule compared to those awful animal activists who trespass and take videos of the cruelty. Did you know that the Senate plans a “bill that would impose five-year prison terms for trespass offences that result in economic damage of more than $10, 000, or 10 years’ jail for damage exceeding $100, 000.” (Source: The Australian).

It remains to be seen how long our government puts economic gain before the death of thousands of greyhounds every year (even though our government subsidises racing heavily). Until then,  the only thing we hear from our government is: Greyhound Racing Reform? No Thanks!