Greyhounds make really wonderful pets and are happiest when they are part of the family.

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Greyhounds are big dogs but real softies on the inside. They are affectionate, elegant and incredibly clingy! Sometimes they are referred to as ‘velcro dogs’ because they follow their humans around the house like a shadow. Greyhounds just adore human company despite the fact that their upbringing is often pretty rough and neglectful.

Rescue greyhound Toby

Greyhounds are pretty lazy

The good thing about greyhounds is that they actually don’t need a lot of exercise. Despite common misconceptions, greyhounds are not very keen on long walks or vigorous exercise like jogging. Greyhounds love to run, but they are sprinters and spend their energy very quickly. Most greyhounds are happy with two short walks per day and maybe a quick run around the garden (we call it zoomies) if you have one.

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Greyhounds are social dogs

Most greyhounds love the company of other dogs but sometimes struggle to live with cats and very small dogs (because they can look like cats). Because greyhounds don’t get to socialise with other dogs much when they are living in racing kennels, they need to learn basic pet skills that other dog breeds learn naturally when they grow up. Greyhounds are not brought up like your normal pet puppy. They live in tiny cages, don’t get regular walks and don’t get to play with other dogs. However, due to the gentle and intelligent nature of the greyhound, most of them learn very fast and have no trouble adjusting to pet life.

Amazing Greys rescue greyhounds love other dogs

Greyhounds are indoor dogs

Their short coat and thin physique don’t provide enough padding to keep them warm in winter and in summer greyhounds suffer from the heat. Greyhounds just love snuggly, soft and warm spaces indoors. Most greyhounds come from cold, uncomfortable and outdoor kennels and really appreciate an indoor sleeping space. While most greyhounds don’t mind spending some time in the garden while you are away at work or out shopping (provided there is shelter from the rain and sun, water and a soft bed), our greyhounds sleep inside at night.

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Greyhounds are incredibly cuddly and affectionate

People are often surprised to find how soft natured and gentle greyhounds are. They just love a good cuddle, falling asleep with you while watching TV and sleeping in your bed. A greyhound cannot get enough of love and affection from you. They love being doted on and happily let you spoil them.

Amazing Greys greyhounds are indoor dogs

The love nothing more than snoozing the day away in a comfortable spot. It is a real shame that they have to wear a muzzle in public. It has nothing to do with their temperament and greyhounds are perceived to be aggressive dogs although it could not be further from the truth.

The muzzle protects greyhounds when they race.

It has nothing to do with their temperament or disposition. The muzzle laws are not consistent and can vary from council to council and state to state. The greyhound racing industry cashes in on the muzzle law by offering ‘temperament testing’ for greyhounds and if they pass, they are allowed to go for walks without it. Although some people are deterred by the muzzle law, many special people are not. It does not matter if your greyhound has to wear a muzzle or not. Yes you may get a few funny looks on the street but who cares? You did something good by adopting this greyhound.

Greyhounds and children & cats?

We have re-homed greyhounds to families with children as well as cats or other small animals. Greyhounds can be cat friendly and live happily with other small animals or big farm animals. Some however have a high chasing instinct and are best kept away from cats, possums, rabbits, etc. But it is not just greyhounds who have a high chasing instinct and breeds such as the Alaskan Malamute, Irish Wolfhound, Chihuahua or Fox Terrier are also breeds with a high prey drive. 

Are you ready for a greyhound?

It is pretty unlikely that yoyu will regret letting a greyhound into your life and we are happy to help you find the perfect companion. Maybe you would like to try fostering first to see how you go? For more information and a meeting with some of our greyhounds for adoption, just send us an email to