Moving home is one of the most stressful things for a greyhound. While you know that he is safe and you will love him forever, your newly adopted mate has no idea what is going on.
Some walk into a new home confidently and you think this dog has been in your household forever. Others are not so confident and can be shy, nervous and withdrawn. To help your newly adopted greyhound please consider the following:

  • Your greyhound needs a place to go to where he feels safe. This could be a dog bed in the back room or with you on the couch. If your greyhounds shares his new home with another animal, consider creating a quiet area with a baby gate for your new arrival. That way, he can see everything that is going on but has the physical space he may need initially.
  • Don’t force any interactions and  respect any body language or indication that he is feeling overwhelmed. Teach your kids appropriate behaviours around the greyhound, e.g.  to not approach when he is on his bed
  • Be patient and focus on building a trusting bond by giving him time to adjust.
  • Don’t expect him to know the house rules; show him where he can sleep, where to go when he is thirsty, how many walks he gets etc.
  • Have treats ready at all times: this will help your greyhound pair anything he learns with something yummy, e.g. meeting the neighbour, hearing new sounds, clipping on the leash, etc.
  • Give your greyhounds something fun and challenging to do, e.g. food puzzles or Kong food dispensers
  • When you leave the house, make him feel good about it by giving him a long lasting chewing bone and keep the radio or TV on
  • Don’t be gone for too long at first because your greyhound does not know yet that you are always coming back

Last but not least, ask for help from reputable positive reinforcement trainers if you need assistance. Greyhounds are known for their good nature and placid temperament but that does not mean you won’t need a trainer to help you with certain things. Ask for help early on and don’t let any issues linger.

Please only use positive reinforcement training methods and ask any trainer about their methods first before signing up. Anyone using training methods involving fear, reprimand, alpha rolls,  choke collars, etc. is not skilled enough to train your greyhound. Show your greyhound how good life is with positive training methods using food and lots of praise instead.

If you are unsure of any trainer or school,  please ask us for a recommendation and we can also help with smaller problems.