Thank you for your interest in sponsoring one of our greyhounds.

By sponsoring a greyhound you help us cover our medical expenses, pay for food and buy basic items for each greyhound. All funds are 100% used for our greyhounds and our volunteers work for free.

On average, it costs us $700 to rescue a greyhound. 

When a greyhound comes into our care, they have nothing. Not even a collar. We buy basic items for each greyhound which he can keep forever. Every greyhound gets his own collar, lead, harness, muzzle, bedding, bowls, coat and toys. 

All greyhounds are de-sexed, wormed and flea treated, vaccinated and microchipped. Many are also treated to a dental and greyhound teeth can be awful even at a young age. The vet expenses for each greyhound are $500+ 

Once a greyhound finds a forever home, we recoup some of the expenses through our $300 adoption fee. 



Welcome to the good life sponsorship - $150 

This sponsorship buys a newly saved greyhound a collar, lead, harness, muzzle, food bowls, coat, toys and bedding. These items belong to the greyhound forever and he will use it in foster care. Once a forever home is found, the greyhound keeps all of his familiar things to make the transition into a new home a bit easier. 

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Never be hungry again sponsorship- $80

It is truly heartbreaking to see the poor condition most greyhound are in. Often, they have been starved or fed in a large group where they had to fight for food. We never want them to go hungry again. A 9kg bag of premium dry kibble costs about $80 and lasts for approx. one month. We also feed fresh meat and vegetable with the dry kibble. 

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Rehabilitation class sponsorship- $80

 This sponsorship pays for one session with a gentle behaviourist to help one greyhound be less afraid in life, be more social around little dogs or learn to cope with separation anxiety. Amazing Greys works only with positive rewards based trainers so that our gentle greyhounds enjoy training and make lasting changes. 

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