Sadly, most of them die- or as the greyhound racing industry calls it ‘humanely euthanised’.

There are thousands of greyhounds bred for racing and while they are some greyhound rescue groups in Australia to help these dogs, the sheer numbers make greyhound rescue a tough gig.

Too many are not fast enough, don’t chase the lure, are injured or are otherwise unwanted.

Some of the greyhound rescue groups such as GAP VIC are part of the racing industry which means it receives money for the work it does. But even with financial support, these industry run programs cannot save and re-home the thousand of greyhounds which require a home after their retirement or because of their unsuitability to race.

The numbers that are re-homed by rescue groups such as us,  Greyhound Rescue,  Friends of the Hound,  Greyhound Adoptions WA etc. accounts for only a very small percentage of the dogs bred.

So what happens to the thousands of greyhounds that are not profitable?

  • Racing injuries (and subsequent euthanasia) are fairly common as well as death due to drugs
  • Some greyhound trainers who surrender their unwanted and perfectly healthy dogs have arrangements with their vets that they will not charge for their dogs’ euthanasia. It is an arrangement so the vets have a free source of blood which they can use for surgical and medical procedures they perform on paying customers’ dogs (the long-suffering greyhounds have a generic blood type).
  • Many other unwanted greyhounds are euthanized after being used for teaching and training purposes in Australian veterinary courses.
  • Australian greyhounds are being exported to race in Macau in China where there are no animal welfare laws and no chance of re-homing afterwards.

It is really amazing how the killing and exploitation of these lovable dogs continues to not just exist but to also be subsidised by the government.

It is time to stop so if you agree with us that the mistreatment and killing needs to stop, please speak up and write to your government.