The greyhound racing industry is one of the largest puppy mills in Australia.

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It relies on breeding an enormous excess of greyhounds to find the few champions. The industry is characterised by routine killings of puppies and dogs, greed and profits.

Amazing Greys the truth about greyhound racing

Animal welfare is not a priority.

The ones that make it to the track are not better off. Serious injuries such as head trauma and broken legs are common and death by euthanasia is the result. Most injuries are not economical to treat so vets are on stand by at each race and ready to euthanise. But rest assured, it is done in the most humane way as possible to minimise suffering. Ha ha, good one!

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Racing kills- one way or another

The industry is not really fazed however as long as it has GAP, the greyhound adoption program, to generate the feel good stories for PR. GAP is the greyhound adoption program run by the racing industry since 1996 and has re-homed 4, 000 greyhounds since. That’s an average of 250 greyhounds ever year in the past 16 years.

It’s also worth mentioning that for example the program manager for GAP in Victoria races greyhounds herself.

It is more likely for a greyhound to be killed, kept for breeding, given away to vet schools and laboratories for cruel experiments than to be rescued by GAP. Some very unlucky greyhounds also are exported for racing to China or worse: human meat consumption. Find out more here and here.

Some people ask “What’s wrong with that?” and happily gamble away the lives of thousands of greyhounds. However, we are 100% against the racing industry and wish our tax money would not support the racing industry.

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